6 Fun Holiday Themed iPhone Games : Retro Version


6 Fun Holiday Themed iPhone Games : Retro Version

With the holidays coming around once again, everyone is getting into the holiday spirit with music, movies, TV shows and of course, video games.

The iPhone has its fair share of holiday themed retro games to play as well. In fact, there’s so many to choose from chances are you could never play them all before the holidays are over! This is why I’ve put together a list of the funnest holiday themed retro iPhone games to play during the holiday season. Do note, that some of them aren’t available on the ios app store. However, a little web browser search would do the trick.iphone image

Angry Birds Seasons

Who doesn’t love playing Angry Birds? In Angry Birds Seasons you get the same quirky gameplay of previous renditions of the Angry Birds series, but with a fun holiday theme.

Tons of new challenges await in this version of Angry Birds, from snowy caverns to floating icebergs. Whether you’re already a fan of Angry Birds, or you’re new to the series you’re bound to get plenty of enjoyment out of Angry Birds Seasons.

Elf Command

It’s Santa’s workshop, only all the elves are robot elves and you have to make sure they sort out all the presents to be delivered. While this sounds challenging enough on its own, you also need to make sure you get everything done on time.

Elf Command is a fun time management game with a zany and amusing holiday theme. It can also get surprisingly challenging if you’re not paying complete attention.

Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift

This free version of the popular game ‘Cut the Rope‘ is the same gameplay, only now it has a holiday theme added to it. The reason it’s called “Holiday Gift” is not only because of it having a holiday theme, but because it’s completely free, so it’s a gift for the fans of Cut the Rope.

In Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift you’ll be cutting free candy to feed Om Nom, all while collecting stars and avoiding spiders and other obstacles.

Air Hockey Christmas

Air Hockey is always fun, but it’s even more fun when it has a cheerful holiday theme accompanying it. Currently, Air Hockey Christmas is exactly what you’d expect it to be, a fun Air Hockey game with a holiday twist.

However, Air Hockey Christmas does have a few features that separate it from other Air Hockey apps, such as the ability to play with another person in two player mode, being able to change the max score to win, and letting you change the background image to anything you want.

Robot Unicorn Attack Christmas Edition

In the Christmas Edition of Adult Swim’s Robot Unicorn Attack. You have the same fast-paced gameplay of the original Robot Unicorn Attack. However,  now with a brand new holiday theme to go with it.

In Robot Unicorn Attack Christmas Edition you’ll have to jump across frozen glaciers. Addiotionally , you will jump on snowy mountain tops. This is while dodging icicles and snow covered boulders. Apparently, you will also be collecting as many presents as you can.

Super Mega Worm Vs Santa

This game is quite a bit different from the rest, both in gameplay and theme. In Super Mega Worm Vs Santa you play a giant worm that is rampaging through Santa’s village.

It’s not the traditional holiday theme you’d expect. However, it is incredibly fun and very addicting. And also with over 15 levels to play it will also last you for quite some time.

Retro themed Iphone Games Conclusion:

It’s refreshing once and a while to be able to tinker with retro or classic games. This gives you the sense of simplicity and clarity of the game objectives. Do give yourself a break and enjoy the holidays with these retro style games on iphone.