Critical Ops Review – A Shooting Game Like No Other


Game Review: Critical Ops

The formula that Counter-Strike introduced to the world of multiplayer gaming was simple, yet it was highly effective. Its success spawned a bucket load of titles that tried to replicate the formula. While some saw success and some saw failure, the formula is still a safe one for developers of multiplayer FPS title to bank on.

One of the most recent titles to use the Counter-Strike formula was Critical Ops. Released in November 2018 by developers Critical Force, the game can be played by users of Android and iOS platforms. Is the game any good, or is it just another failed attempt at recreating Counter-Strike on mobile platforms? Read on to find out.

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critical ops image from wallpapercave

critical ops image from wallpapercave

Gameplay Modes

Just like Counter-Strike has its terrorists and anti-terrorists, Critical Ops has its Breach and Coalition. These teams battle it out against one another across five gameplay modes; Practice Mode, Defuse, Gun Game, Ranked Defuse and Team Deathmatch.

Defuse is by far the most popular game mode in the game and involves The Breach trying to plant an explosive at a given site. It’s the job of The Coalition to try and stop them or defuse the bomb if it has already been planted.

In this mode, players start off with just a knife and a P250 pistol. But as they progress, they can buy new weapons using the in-match currency. At a time, players can carry 4 weapons; a knife, a pistol, an assault rifle/shotgun/submachine gun/sniper rifle.In this mode, players have the freedom to drop and pick up weapons during gameplay.

Ranked defuse works on the same principles as Defuse but this mode offers players the opportunity to work their way up the ranks to achieving bronze, silver, gold ranks and more.

The Team Deathmatch mode is a thrilling affair with player teams having to compete to outdo one another in terms of achieving a higher kill count. The Gun Game mode features 15 levels with players having a different weapon for every level.

The Game’s Biggest Strength: Interaction

As gameplay elements are more or less similar to most other mobile multiplayer FPS, the game needed something to make it really stand out and it has achieved that by offering players a lot of freedom in terms of interacting with other players and spectators.

Searching for players and adding them to existing networks, setting up quick games and creating parties are all very easy. Settings for in-game chatting can be toggled based on individual player preferences, with players given the license to filter chats that feature profanities. Abusive player behavior can be controlled by reporting abusive players in-game.

The Game’s Biggest Weakness: In-Game Currency

While the game features in-game currency with which you can increase clan member slots, buy passes and weapon skins, it just doesn’t feel rewarding enough when you use it to buy something.

What FPS players love most is to really upgrade their weapons. However, on Critical Ops, all you can upgrade are the weapon skins. You can’t enhance the guns in any way.

The Conclusion

On a scale of 10, Critical Ops gets a healthy 7. It’s not a game that will live long in the memory, but it is engaging enough thanks to a variety of game modes that is sure to keep players engaged for some time to come.