Darkness Rises Review – RPG Masterpiece Unleashed


Game Review: Darkness Rises

Nexon, a video game publisher operating across Japan and Korea, released Darkness Rises back in 2018. Almost 2 years have passed since then and the mobile RPG has amassed quite a following, with over 10 million mobile downloads since its release.

In this game review, we will be taking a closer look at the mobile RPG, along with its strengths and weaknesses. We will find out if you should give it a shot or go for some other game instead.



The Setting

Darkness Rises features familiar foes typically witnessed in well-established fantasy books, movies and video games such as lich and orcs. The story revolves around the player and allies defeating all foes in their way to protect the city of Iron Guard.

Neither the story nor the narrative helps in making the game unique, as numerous successful video games on bigger platforms such as The Elder Scrolls and The Witcher have utilized the same settings before and to great effect. However, playing it on mobile platforms is a breath of fresh air and we can certainly expect many more advancements in the genre as the mobile gaming industry continues to experience further developments.

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The Gameplay

The game requires the player to choose a character from a variety of character classes such as The Archer, The Assassin, The Berserker, The Warrior, and The Wizard. Every character class has its own set of strengths and witnesses.

If you want a mix of strength and agility, it’s the assassin you should choose. But if you want maximum strength, The Berserker is the best choice. If you want a unique experience, go for The Wizard, which allows the player to progress in the game using magic spells instead of conventional weapons.

The gameplay itself offers the routine hack and slash elements, with regenerative special attacks that can be used to put multiple foes out of action at the same time.

Gameplay modes include familiar Player vs Environment (PvE), Player vs Player (PvP) and Co-op modes. The 5 PvP modes offer players the chance to advance character levels, learn a whole host of new combat and magic skills and also earn better gear that helps players greatly as they advance in the story mode.

Gear upgrades are also a welcome element in the game, as they are more commonly associated with RPGs designed for advanced gaming platforms such as PC and PlayStation. All in all, there’s a great deal of customization that players can indulge in, which makes the game very interactive and engaging.

The Graphics

Graphics settings in the game can be changed, which makes it playable across a wide range of mobile phones. If you want to play at the highest graphics settings, then you would need a phone with high memory and processor specifications.

While the game does look quite spectacular considering that it’s been developed for mobile devices, it’s in no way comparable to the ultra-realistic graphics witnessed in most modern-day games for desktops and high-end consoles.

Final Thoughts

On a scale of 10, we are going to give Darkness Rises 7. It’s a good game, but it certainly hasn’t set a new bar for RPGs in mobile gaming owing to the all too familiar and clichéd RPG elements. While it certainly isn’t a direct rip-off of any big RPG franchise, it does not add anything new to the genre.