Wordfeud: Digital Scrabble Done Right at Your Finger Tips


Wordfeud: Digital Scrabble Done Right at Your Finger Tips: Overview

Wordfeud, like its Words with Friends counterpart, is highly addictive. Basically, it is Scrabble for your Android smart phone. Take your time and examine our wordfeud review only from seerhack.

Word Feud Basics

Before you start playing Wordfeud you are prompted to create a username and password. You can also open the game options to enable sound notifications (used when it is your turn) and to add a profile picture from your phone’s photo library.

wordfeud playstore images

wordfeud playstore images

Where to Start?

Begin playing by inviting a friend to download and play Wordfeud with you, by inviting Wordfeud user by username or email or choose to play with a random person. The random person queue is only a couple minutes long and if you invite a friend they must accept your invite to begin the game. You can play unlimited games at once.

Some Guidelines To Remember

A list of your current games, listed by waiting for opponent or if it is your turn, and completed games is displayed on the home screen of the application. Select any of them to view the board. If it is your turn on a board you can play your letters, pass or swap for new letters. Simply tapping a letter and tapping the screen will place a letter. Letters in yellow indicate the last move made. Double-tap the screen to zoom out and zoom in on the board.

Strengths and Weaknesses

It plays just like typical Scrabble, which what makes it so good. Nothing fancy with the board or how you play. You just attempt to make the highest possible scoring words while, at the same time, trying to keep your opponent from having any good word openings. It has the added bonus of having a chat room for you and your opponent.

One downside is that in the free version you are forced to view advertisements after you take a turn. The paid-for version of Wordfeud is about $3.32, and might be worth it to you if you hate the advertisements. The only difference between the free version and the paid-for version is the advertisements. Otherwise, it is a great pickup game when you are bored.

Popular Alternatives

Albeit the popularity wordfeud a few alternatives have popped up out of nowhere. These are “SmartFeud” and “Draw Something“. Both of which features multiplayer word smith battles. Smartfeud is a bit similiar to wordfeud but there is a little twist to it. It features the opportunity to recycle a letter across the board. On the other hand, draw something is more of like a guessing a word via a visual representation or image.